All About Who???

All About YOU!! 

In order for us all to get to know one another, every week we will have a new Star Classmate.  They will be picked out of a hat and for the rest of that week the Star gets special treatment.  The Star will present to the class about what is important in their life.  They can bring items like pictures, awards, mementos, tickets, etc. to go along with their presentation.  The Star will have a display about them posted in the class for the whole week.

 Other privileges the Star Classmate receives:

  • Line leader for their week
  • His or her cluster will be the first group called out of their desk (for recess, lunch, to get supplies, etc.)
  • The Star can bring in his or her favorite game to play and share it with the class
  • The Star picks the book to read during snack time on Tuesday and Thursday of his or her week
  • And last but not least...the Star Classmate decides what he or she wants to do for the last fifteen minutes on the final day of school in that week

We will pick the Star Classmate one week before his or her week so they can get ready and prepare their presentation to the class.  A note will be sent home so parents keep a look out in your child's take home folder, the green one! :)  I'm really looking forward to learning All About YOU!!