Mrs. Alley and Mrs. Liesman's Class

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Welcome to our 5th Grade Class!!  We are excited for the 2017/2018 School Year.  You can find helpful information on the website regarding classroom schedule, curriculum, teacher information, and contact information.

Classroom Schedule 

8:00-8:15-  Morning Work/Announcements

8:15-8:40-  Specials

8:45-9:15-  Whole Group Reading/Novels

9:15-9:45-  Guided Reading

9:45-10:10- Words Their Way/Cafe

10:10-10:35- Science

10:35-11:30-  Writing/Grammar

11:30-12:10-  Lunch/Recess

12:20-12:45-  Social Studies with Mrs. Kleinschmidt 

12:50-1:15-  RTI

1:15-2:15-  Math

2:20-2:45-  P.E.

2:50/2:55-  Dismissal


"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.  If you're determined to learn, no one can stop you."


Switching Classes

Students will be switching classes this year.  They will have Mrs. Kleinschmidt for social studies for 25 minutes a day.  They will have reading, guided reading, spelling, writing, math, and science with Mrs. Alley and Mrs. Liesman.

Curriculum enlightened

  • Reading-  We will begin with the novel Holes.  We will read the chapters together in class.  Students will be assessed over the comprehension and vocabulary from the chapters.
  • Guided Reading-  Students will meet in small groups with me and Mrs. Liesman.  Students will read leveled books at their reading level.  They will have an assessment over the book when finished.
  • Science-  Our first chapter is titled Living Things.  The first week of school we will create our interactive notebook and complete a team building experiment.
  • Spelling-  We will use Words Their Way for spelling.  Students will get their new list on Monday and will test over the list at the end of the week.
  • Math-  Our current math series is called My Math.  Our first chapter will be multiplication, Chapter Two.  

Links and Classroom Newsletter mail

Below are some helpful links that include information about our classroom.

Welcome Packet

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