Spelling words

Spelling Words
Book 1- Changing Patterns 
Officer Buckle: sat, felt, last, send, next, best, went, hand, stand, past, grand, stamp, belt, lend, checked, else, guest, attention, heard, listen
Pepita Talks Twice:slip,  gift, from, fish, thing, jump, pick, inch, socks, rocks, truck, dish, lunch, pond, thump
Nate the Great San Francisco Detective: easy, saved, raise, grade, pail, leave, meet, these, gain, late, reach, theme, seat, name, scream
Allie's Basketball Dream: tight, whole, flight, while, window, tide, show, time, grow, stone, follow, broke, bright, close, below
Olympic Games Where Heroes Are Made: least, stick, strong, fast, strike, start, just, artist, blast, burst, almost, straw, strip, student, street
Turtle Bay: known, writer, knot, written, wrong, wring, laugh, wrap, enough, sphere, wrench, rough, wreck, knocked, wrinkle
Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome:shot, shock, batch, chance, pushed, hitched, match, such, sharp, watch, crash, mush, showed, chew, speech
 Wild Shots, They're My Life: space, police, excite, stage, office, force, huge, engine, range, fence, badge, ginger, price, pencil, giraffe
 Little Grunt and the Big Egg: joyful, spoil, soil, choice, royal, loyal, voice, annoy, boiled, joint, noise, destroy, moist, employ, pointy
 Rosie, a Visiting Dog's Story: crown, around, howl, proud, south, growl, however, loud, bounce, count, house, fountain, crowded, shouted, sound
The Stories Julian Tells: STUDY these words!!!
 brother's, sisters, girls, brothers , sisters', girl's, uncle's, man's, girls', uncles, men's, mine, sister's, child's, yours
The Talent Show: song, crawl, frost, law, lost, lawn, because, taught, hawk, soft, long, laundry, dawn, pause, author
Centerfield Ballhawk: boots, hood, loose, grouped, choose, soot, shook, brook, understood, school, zoomed, cartoon, looked, balloon, afternoon
Ramona Forever: started, shark, bark, card, mark , tart, park, barber, carpet, smart, party , farther, star, pardon, barn
Sayings We Share Proverbs and Fables: bear, airplane, stare, tear, compare, glare, haircut, repair, sharing, stairs               , pear, fairy, wear, prepare, aware
 Book 1- On Your Mark
 Papa Tells Chita a Story:
Coyote Places the Stars:
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears:
Lon Po Po:
The Crowded House: 
Leah'S Pony:
Yippee Yay! A Book About Cowboys and Cowgirls:
Boom Town:
Cocoa Ice:
 If You Made a Million:
I'm in Charge of Celebrations:
Alejandro's Gift:
Rocking and Rolling:
Armadillo from Amarillo:
Visitors from Space: 
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