Japanese 1

Instructor: Mr. Rick Kania

Contact: Telephone 414.423.4640 ext. 2116

                Email: richard.kania@franklin.k12.wi.us


Course Goals:

1. to read and write hiragana and katakana.

2. to speak and understand basic Japanese expressions.

3. to write paragraphs in Japanese that describe actions, and use simple adjectives.

4. to locate Japan’s major islands and cities

5. to be introduced to Japanese culture, both modern and traditional. Further, students

    should appreciate how culture affects people.


Classroom Expectations:

1. that you are prepared and ready to participate in every class.

2. that assignments are handed in on time. Late assignments will lose 10% of their

value each day they are late.

3. Assignments miss because an excused absence will be given an extension equal to the length   

    of the absence

4. that you always give your best effort.