Class Expectations

Class Rules

1.Follow the three P’s: be punctual, prepared, and productive.

2.Respect yourself, others, and teacher at all times.

3.Keep all electronics off and out of sight.

4.Class time is for class activities. Value our time together, follow directions, and stay on task.

5.Participate fully, ask questions, and take risks.

6.Perceive it, believe it, achieve it.

Class Procedures

  • Each class is to come into class quietly and make sure they are prepared for class. They come in and take out all of their materials needed for the board (books, papers, writing instruments, etc.) and put unnecessary materials away. There is also an opportunity to speak with the teacher about grades, assignments and person topics.
  • All homework assignments can be turned in and graded papers can be picked up from the designated files and folders.
  • Once students are seated students know that they are to quietly work on the bell work assignment which is either handed to them when they walk in the classroom or written on the board, whether it is a reading assignment to prepare for the day's lecture or review what the lesson was from a previous class.
  • Students also have the opportunity to write down the homework assignments in addition to the assignments that they will be doing during the class that day.
  • There are no assigned seats as they are high school students and should be able to make a good decision for where they can be to effectively learn and pay attention.
  • Once the late bell rings, they are to work quietly until told otherwise.


1. First offense: Verbal or written warning.

2. Second offense: Student-teacher discussion of issue and possible solutions.

3. Third offense: Loss of privileges

4. Fourth offense: Phone call home.

5. Fifth offense: Parent-teacher conference.

*If an offense is repetitive or extreme, administration will be involved.