Jaylen Olds Digital Essay

  1. Handle computers with care. Classroom computers are an investment that you and your school want to last. Teach kids how computers should be handled and how they shouldn’t be handled, and make sure students know what the consequences are for not treating computers with the appropriate care. 2) No food or drinks. Students should never have food or drink anywhere near computers. A food free workspace will keep computers clean and safe.

3) Surf safely. Before sending kids off to work, set very clear expectations about what sites they should be accessing for an assignment. 4) Keep your files organized. Don’t let a student’s desktop become the digital version of his hectic book bag. Set aside a few minutes at the end of an assignment to ensure that students keep their files organized.

5) Respect others. You should never type something that you wouldn’t say out loud to someone. Students need to maintain the same respectful tone that they would use in verbal discussions and interactions when communicating online.  The rules that I listed are key when it comes to computers because they’re all taking a part in keeping ALL of the computers up to par. If the computers aren’t up to par then more than likely they won’t work well. Computers that don’t work up to par aren’t worth keeping that is why it is a must that we follow the appropriate rules listed above.