How I Got Here!

I am proud to share that I am in my 16th year of teaching. My career started at South Broward High, where I taught Reading, Language Arts and Consumer Economics. While at South Broward I pursued National Board Certification and achieved this distinction in 2002. While I loved teaching high school, I realized that to really make a difference I had to help kids while they are still young so I came to Nob Hill. My career here has included two years teaching in our Intellectually Disabled cluster program, four years as a Varying Exceptionalities teacher and I am now in my third year as the ESE Specialist. 

My credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Florida Atlantic University, certified Clinical Educator, Wilson Reading Level 1 certification, and Fundations trainer. I am also a CitiBank grant recipient. Honors include Outstanding F.A.U. alumni and Teacher of the Year for Nob Hill in 2010.