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  • ESE: Exceptional Student Education
  • IEP: Individualized Education Plan
  • ORF: oral reading fluency, or, the rate at which you read, reported in WPM: words per minute
  • DAR: Diagnostic Assessment of Reading, an informal assessment tool
  • FBA: functional behavioral assessment, a data gathering tool that focuses on behavior
  • PBIP: positive behavioral intervention plan, this is develoed from an FBA and applies interventions to address a targeted behavior
  • SP&P: Special Programs and Procedures, the manual that spells out ESE policies and procedures
  • ESY: extended school year 


  • Phonemic awareness:  A subset of phonological awareness in which students are able to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes, the smallest units of sound that can differentiate meaning. Separating the spoken word "cat" into three distinct phonemes, , , and , requires phonemic awareness.
  • number sense: The ability to recognize numbers, identify their relative values and understand how to use them in a variety of ways, such as counting, measuring or estimating.


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