November Poem of the Month

Helping Verb Rap


Helping verbs all have an attraction

To the main verbs, which show the action.


Please pay attention to what I say;

This helping verb rap will show you the way.


Am, is, are, was, were, and being

Are helping verbs you have been seeing.


Have, has, had, did, does, and do

Are more helping verbs used by you.


Now I know you’re familiar with can and could,

But do you also remember should and would?


Don’t forget shall and will or been and be!

They’re as easy to spot as A, B, C!


By now you’ve learned them all, I trust,

Including might and may and must.


Some additional info for you as well –

Just one more small rule to help you excel.


Never use of as a verb – it won’t do!

But should have, could have, and would have are all great words for you!