January Poem of the Month

How Long Does it Take to Learn?


How long does it take to learn

To bait a hook with a wiggly worm,

To make a bed, to wash a plate,

To swim, to dive, to figure skate,

To iron a shirt, to mend a seam,

To walk with balance on a beam?


How do you think grown-ups know

The way to dance, to paint, or sew?

They were all once children, too,

Learning skills that were brand new.

They felt tired, they got mad –

Sometimes, their moods were very bad!


Anytime you learn a skill,

It’s like climbing up a steep hill.

Stumbles, scrapes, a few Oh, no’s.

Accept them as your talent grows.

With patience you’ll see, bit by bit,

You’re getting better – so don’t quit!


- Author Unknown