Genetics Textbook online/Syllabus/Outline

You will use two different online textbooks  for this class:


Text #1

Online Genetics Textbook: Download in a format you can read.

Text #2




I. Course Description:

Genetics is a class/laboratory course that will emphasize problem solving, decision-making, critical thinking, applied learning, and knowledge.  You will explore the concepts and principles of advanced Biology and apply these issues in society, the workplace, and in personal-life experiences. This course will help prepare you to continue your education at the college level.  The course work will include applications based on general laboratory work, student-centered activities, cooperative learning teamwork, case studies, teacher-directed activities using career and biotechnology education, and special projects. 

II. Materials: Bring all materials to class daily.

Three – Ring Binder (1.5” minimum) with 2 section dividers -- 1 for notes & 1 for quizzes
Lab/Journal notebook (small composition book)
Graph paper
Note cards
Pencils & Pens (Blue or Black ink only)
Calculator - preferably with scientific functions (scientific notation, logarithms, etc)
If any other items should be needed for labs, projects, etc.I will tell you in advance.

III. Grades: I will assess your understanding of chemical principles, problem-solving abilities, and other important skills through a variety of assignments.

Grading Scale:
            This course follows the Broward County Public Schools grading policy

            The distribution of the grades is:


                       Tests/Major Projects:40%

                       Homework, Classwork, Quizzes:  40%

                       Labs: 20%


Homework Checks: Sometimes I will check that you have completed your homework, without collecting it. 
Quizzes: You will have a number of quizzes throughout the semester (both for class content and for labs).  Sometimes they will be unannounced, so be prepared!!
Tests: Several will be given.
Lab Reports: You must complete the assigned labs by the assigned date.  For labs that do not require formal lab reports, I will ask you to hand in your data and results.  We may discuss these labs as a group.
Warm - Ups: Each day, you will be given your assignment to begin.  You should not wait for the bell to sound to begin this work. At any time, I may ask you to hand in the assignments from this section (be prepared to have them) for a grade. 

IV. Missed Work: All assignments are due at the beginning of class unless told otherwise and excused.

V. Absenteeism. Missing class is not an excuse for missing class material.   You must be responsible for finding out what you missed and you must catch up on all assignments and any quizzes or tests missed when you return to school.  The teacher may excuse any work at her discretion.

I do not provide the following items for you and you may wish to bring to class:

Paper (copy and loose leaf)

Hand Sanitizer
Clorox Wipes
Construction Paper
Graph Paper



yes indicates concept has been covered                   GENETICS COURSE OUTLINE (Concepts not necessarily taught in order)


I.  Introduction to Genetics

Safety in the Lab   →yes

Scientific Method →yes

Introduction to a Case Study →yes

Origin of Life   →yes

The Cell structure and Function→yes

Review of Cell Metabolism→yes

Structure and function of DNA and RNAyes

II.   Linking Mitosis and Meiosis

Diploid vs. haploidyes
Somatic cells vs. gametesyes
Sexual and asexual reproductionyes
Cell growthyes
Karyotypes yes 


III.  Mendelian Genetics   

Mendel’s Principles→yes
One/two trait crosses→yes
Nature vs. nurtureyes
The Chromosome Theory of Inheritanceyes
Genetic variation – mutations, alleles, phenotypesyes
Recombinant DNA, clones, genomes, and genomicsyes
Human genome projectyes

IV.   Sex Determination

Sexual differentiationyes
X and Y chromosomesyes
Ratio of males to females in humansyes
Temperature variationyes

V.  Diseases, Disorders, and Mutations

Autosomal dominant and recessiveyes
Enzyme pathway disordersyes

VI.  Blood Genetics

ABO, Rh(D), MN groupsyes
Immune system (HLA groups)yes

VII. Bioethics/Genetic Engineering

Artificial Selectionyes
Selective Breedingyes
Genetic Engineeringyes
Bioethics issuesyes