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Language Arts

Essential Question: How do the different parts of speech help us communicate?
Noun: person, place, or thing
Proper Noun: names a specific place or person (ie.: Mary, Statue of Liberty, Banks County Elementary school)
Common Nouns: nouns that are not proper (ie.: girl, building, school)
Pronouns: words that replace a noun (ie.: he, him, his, her, she, hers, it, they, etc.)
Singular Possessive Nouns: Some forms of nouns show that a person or thing owns something.  Read the following sentence.
  • The lightning rod was this man's invention. 
The word man's is a singular possessive noun.  It shows that the man owns the invention.
 Plural Possessive Nouns: Plural nouns also show ownership.  They show that people or things own or have something.  Read the following sentence.
  • Many workers' skills were needed in village life. 
The word workers' is a plural possessive noun.  It shows that more than one worker owns their skills.
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