2nd Nine Weeks Curriculum Overview

2nd Nine Weeks
      * Numbers to 100 (continued)
      * Mental Addition
      * Mental Subtraction
      * Adding 2-Digit Numbers
      * Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers

      * "Raccoons"- digital story (Fact and Details) * Story Swap 
      * "Bremen Town Musicians" (Cause and Effect)
      * "One Good Turn Deserves Another" (Compare and Contrast
      * "Life Cycle of a Pumpkin"- in place of "Pearl and Wagner" (Author's Purpose and Sequencing) *Story Swap
      * "Dear Juno" (Draw Conclusions)
      * "Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends" (Compare and Contrast) * Story Swap
      * "The Wild Christmas Reindeer" (Sequence) * Story Swap

          * R-controlled Vowels (er, ir, ur)
          * Plurals
          * Long A (a, ai, ay)
          * Long E (e, ee, ea, y)
          * Long O (o, oa, ow)
          * Compound Words
          * Long I (i, ie, igh, y)
         * Singular and Plural Nouns
        * Plural Nouns That Change Spelling
        * Possessive Nouns
        * Verbs
        * Verbs with Singular and Plural Nouns
        * Verbs for Past, Present, and Future
        * More About Verbs
      * Sound
      * All About Animals/Habitats

Social Studies:
      * Unit 2: Places Near and Far
      * Unit 5: America's Past/ Thanksgiving