4th Nine Weeks Curriculum Overview

4th Nine Weeks

   * Time
   * Geometry
   * Measuring Length
   * Graph, & Data
   * 3rd Grade Math Preparation

   * "Bad Dog, Dodger" (plot and theme)
   * "Horace and Morris, but Mostly Delores" (character and setting))
   * "The Signmaker's Assistant" (main idea and details)
   * "Just Like Josh Gipson" (compare and contrast, visualize)
   * "Red, White, and Blue" (author's purpose)
   * "A Birthday Basket for Tia" (draw conclusions, context clues)
   * "Cowboys" (sequence)
   * "Grace for President" (fact and details)

   * Pronouns
   * Contractions
   * Using Capital Letters
   * Quotation Marks
   * Prepositions
   * Using Commas
   * Commas in Compound Sentences
Spelling/Word Study
   * Words with Silent Consonants-kn, wr, gn, mb
   * Words with gh, ph,ck, nb
   * Words with au, augh, al
   * Words with Inflected Endings ed, ing
   * Abbreviations
   * Words with Syllables -tion, -ture
   * Words with Suffixes -ness, -less, -able, -ible
   * Words with Prefixes mis-, mid-, micro-, non-

*Click on "Spelling" for the list of spelling words.

   * Weather
   * All About Plants
   * Earth's Land, Air, and Water

Social Studies:
  * Unit 6: America's Government
  * Landforms
  * Map Skills