1st Nine Weeks Curriculum Overview

1st Nine Weeks


     * Addition Strategies
     * Subtraction Strategies
     * Understanding Addition and Subtraction
     * Working with Equal Groups
     * Numbers to 100


         * "The Twin Club"- (character and setting)
         * "Exploring Space"- (main idea and details)
         * "Henry and Mudge"- (character and setting)
         * "A Walk in the Desert"- (main idea and details)
         * "The Strongest One"- (realism and fantasy)
         * "Tara and Tiree"- (cause and effect)
         *  "Abraham Lincoln"- (author's purpose)


            * Short Vowels
           * Long Vowels (CVCe)
           * Consonant Blends(br, cl, nd, sk, st, str, tw)
           * Inflected Endings(s, ing, ed)
           * Consonant Diagraphs(ch, tch, sh, th, wh)
           * R-Controlled (ar, or, ore)
           * Contractions 
         Spelling words are available on the "Spelling" page


         * Sentences
         * Subjects
         * Predicates
         * Statements and Questions
         * Commands and Exclamations
         * Nouns
         * Nouns


         * Germs: Staying Healthy
         * Kinds of Matter
Social Studies:

                *All About Me
                * People and Places