Student Supplies and Wish List

Student Supplies 2020-2021


*All supplies have been purchased for students this year! 


Wish List 

(This is a BIG wish list item, but we really need a vacuum cleaner for our classroom this year!)  This has been taken care of! ;)

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches (8.5 X11) 

Colored Copy Paper 

Ziplock Bags (Gallon, Quart, and Sandwich Sizes)  

Dum Dum Suckers 

Smarties Candy 

Small Treats/Prizes for the Treasure Box 

Markers (for students to use in the writing center) 

Wiggly Eyes (all sizes)

Paper Plates (for painting projects)

Plastic Spoons/Forks  

STEM Project Basic Items: Masking Tape, Straws, Rubber Bands, Popsicle Sticks, Roll of Foil, Flat Toothpicks