Mrs. Stanley 6th Grade English Class!!!

Welcome! Mrs. Stanley 6th Grade English Class!!!


- If you dont like something, change it, if you cant change it change your attutide.




About Me


I am Kayla Stanley (Mrs. Stanley) I have been teaching for about 5 years my favorite grades to teach are 4th and 6th grade. I have two degrees (B.A AND M.A.T). I know everyone does not like school like I do but education is everything to me. My husband and I have lived in Jacksonville Fl for 6 years. I have taught at Garry Rain Middle School for 3 years. I want to make our class challenging, full of new changes and great fun. I am looking foward to a great school year. Welcome to Mrs.Stanley's 6th grade English class!!!!







Homework days are every Mondays & Wedensdays 


Homework means a lot to me because it gives the students indiduval study time.


Homework: Homework is expected to be turned in on the due date.

Any late work will be counted as 50%.


Important Dates!!! 

All about me essay 8/12

Reading 1 test 8/20

Class field trip 9/15

Reading test 2 9/20

Pick favorite book essay assignment 9/25


If anything changes when it comes to homework being due I will contact all parents via email. 


Academic Standards 


What do I and Florida Department of Education expect?

DOA (Department of Education Guidelines) The DOA & Student/Parent Handbook


Poetry Writing Club & Reading/Writing Club Meet every Tuesdays after school!

Discpline/Rule Policy!!!

1. Be respectful

2. Follow Directions

3. Be on time and ready to learn!

4. Keep our classroom and school clean!


Weekly Highlight!

Student Work! ACTIVITES!! 

Includes Weekly Readings every other day journal readings!

Big Assignments we will have throughout the school year!

(All about me essay)

(Letter to our troops assignment)

(End of the year past/present big world problems in the last decade)



Bright School Online/App

Parent/Guardian can check grades,assignments and attendance online!


Classroom Policies!

Morning Arrival/Afternoon dismissal

Sending in money- If there is anytime money will be asked for trips , bookstore everything will be signed and made sure by me and the parent.




Important Links!!!! (The schools main page) (Lots of helpful readings)



Contact Information

Kayla Stanley (Mrs.Stanley)

Ext. 954-000-0000


Any questions or concerns please contact me!