Our Classroom

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Team Work

     We work as a team in room 126. We have many people who come in to work with us. We will be visited by our reading specialist, other teachers and volunteers. Each student is an important team member and has a weekly job which is posted on the job board. We also work as a team with our tablemates and in center groups. I am so glad your child is part of our team and I am so excited to see all that they are able to accomplish.



     Communication is a skill we are working on in kindergarten. Each student received a white “foot binder”. These binders should go and return to school each day. Please place lunch money in an envelope labeled with students name and room number on them. Please check the binder every day and feel free to drop me a note in it as well. Other ways to reach me are at my email address kculloty@marysvilleschools.us or by voice mail (810) 455-6266. If it is an emergency please call the office 810-364-7101 as my subs cannot retrieve voice mail or email.



      In math this year we will be learning about numbers, shapes, and patterns. 


Language Arts

     We will spend a lot of time on reading and writing. Please read to your children every night and have them help you out with words they know. I will be sending home little paper books. Please have your child read them to you, sign them and return them to school. Students will also be receiving a “magic words” envelope each week with flashcards to study. Please keep the words at home and return the envelope the next day. 



     Students should be writing their homework by themselves. Parents can help their students with spelling and answers. It is most important that students work at spelling the words that in their magic envelope. All writing should be done in pencil and written legibility.



     Papers will be checked on a timely basis and sent home daily. If a paper has a T that is circled on it, that means the paper was done together in class and was not corrected.


Accidents Happen

Students may find themselves in a need of change of clothes at some point. Please keep a spare set of clothes in a gallon size bag in their backpack.



      We have one healthy snack break a day. Please help your child pack a snack. You may want to put a few snacks in your child’s bag each week so they have a choice.



     Parent volunteers are welcome in the room. To volunteer in the room or on trips parents must have an up to date Criminal Background Check. I would love to have volunteers for Monday- Thursday center time, at holiday parties, help with art projects and on field trips. More information will be sent home about these opportunities.


     You are welcome to send in birthday treats on your child’s birthday or half- birthday. We currently have 26 students in our classroom.