class room management

KeiAnna Bennett

Class Room Management

Floor Plan

The Class consists of 16 year old Jr. Classmen. There are a total of 25 students, two students at each table. In this class room there are 5 ESOL students. 1 German, 3 Spanish, 1 Haitian. Two of my students have learning disabilities and one of my students has ADHD. I also have one child that is in a wheel chair. My classroom floor plan had to be designed with these students in mind. I do not want a child to feel like he or she is in the back of the room or that they can’t see the board. That is why my class is designed in the U shape also known as the horse shoe shape. The benefits are easy walk way to students, that way I can monitor them and practice close proximity in order to maintain my class’ focus. I prefer this type of lay out with the students’ desk so that the class can easily have discussions and debates.

                I numbered my seating arrangement. As you can see I have my Spanish speaking students at number 2, 3, and 5. My reasoning behind this is that there is an English speaking student paired at their table to help yet they are close enough to each other for assistance too. I positioned my LD student at number 18 because it will be easier to assist him because the seat is on the corner and I can pull a chair up easily, same with position number 19 the German speaking student. This technique is found on the other side of the room too. I have my LD student and my Haitian in the same corner that way I can pull a chair up easily to help. I have provided a kidney shaped table for my student in the wheel chair at number 23. Since my student in the wheel chair has difficulty seeing I placed her close to the front of the class and close to my desk. I placed my desk closer to my ADHD student too, found at number 24.

                I placed my desk near certain student and in the front of the classroom. I placed it near the smart board too so that I can easily review my own notes and agenda as I move along with instruction. The shelves contain materials such as their daily class folders, home work folders and make up folders. I have placed them at the shelves at the front of the classroom and put one on each side. This makes it easier for each side of the class to have their own shelve and its easy access at the front where my student in the wheel chair can use. I have provided extra area in the class with round tables that my student in the wheel chair can easily pull up to and my other student can sit in the bean bag chairs. This area is for specific activities that I will grant permission to. Such activities include but not limited to: group work, teacher student one on one help, homework or reading area for students who complete homework early.

                On the walls in my classroom you will find rules, procedures, my degree(s), mission statement, a personality board, and this semester class photos. The rules are located on the left side of the smart board and the procedures are place on the right side. I know that students focus will gravitate to the smart board and front of the class room that is why I have placed these two important artifacts there. The personality board is located on in the back of the room on the right hand side. On the board there is listed my favorite things to do, pictures of my family, my degree, and my high school diploma and graduation picture.  I want my students to know me, that I am human and nothing to fear, I am not a mean witch I am simply a person. I also want to share my favorite things to do, hoping that if I open up to my students and allow them to know me as a teacher then maybe they will open up and let me know them as a student. I have not only my college diploma but also my high school one with a photo of receiving both of those. This lets my students know that not only am I qualified but how proud I am to be a graduate. Our class mission statement hangs above the smart board. Letting them know that we have a focus and mission to stick to. The class photos for this semester are located along the back wall. I put it there to show that I am proud of my students and am happy that they are in my class. It is located along the back wall because I do not want students to search for their friends during class instruction.


My Procedures – 7

1.       Entry & Dismissal – Because I feel that knowing how to enter and exit the classroom is essential to running any classroom no matter the age.


- Upon entry into the classroom the student will enter respectfully and retrieve class folder out of designated area along the front wall.

- The student will then take their seats and begin bell work.


-The class will wait for the teacher to finish lesson and explain homework / any important announcements before packing their bags.

-The teacher will then allow clean up and students will turn in daily communication folder. These folders are found on the shelves at the front of the class, students 1-13(side a) will collect folders from the left shelf and students 14-25 (side b) will collect folders from the shelf on the right.

I have decided to have the children make use of individual class folders so that they are organized and I can leave any make up work, communication, ect. in their folders. I haven students on the end of the isles collect the folders by students passing the folders to their left or right depending if they are on side A or side B. This will be a time saver and make my classroom more organized, it is better to have two students out of their desk than to have 25 students out of their desk.

2.       Tardy – In secondary education tardiness is something a teacher must explain and set expectations for.

- (If the student is more than five minutes late) the student will come in quietly and take seat immediately and the stay after class to collect and turn in material.

I have made late entry into something that must be discrete. I do not want the class to be disrupted and if the student was more than five minutes late then the instruction would most likely begin at that point. Also, if the student had to collect their folders and then find their seat, it just takes longer and is a disruption. I also ask that students stay after class in order to explain material/instruction they might have missed and to discuss if this is a reoccurring issue.


3.       Absence- Another important procedure for any student but especially secondary education

- Absent student will look in their daily class folder and find the missing assignment and instructions. Also there will be a communication letter from teacher to explain further the assignment or ask to speak with student.


4.       Heading of Papers

- You will head your papers with the assignment name centered across the top portion of page. On the left hand upper corner the student will have their name, class period, and date.

This will help me know at a glance which class period this student’s paper is from, it is important to have the assignment centered at the top of the page, this allows me to know the assignment quickly and teachers the students to complete proper heading. 


5.       Handing in Papers

-Starting with student 13 -1pass your paper to your right and everyone follow on that side    (side a) and student 14 -25pass your paper to your left and everyone follow on that side (side b).

Then numbers 1 and 25 only will place the papers on my desk.

I haven students on the end of the isles collect the papers  by students passing the folders to their left or right depending if they are on side A or side B. This will be a time saver and make my classroom more organized.

6.       When you finish in class assignment early

- You will raise your hand, I will make sure that the class assignment is completed and will grant permission to either work on a makeup assignment at students’ desk or will allow student to read and work on other home work using the lounge areas.

I want to make sure that the assignment is complete and if the student is up to date on his/her work I have no problem with them making use of the lounge area completing other classes assignments or reading.


7.       Classroom Participation

-You must discuss at least two ideas aloud with the class weekly and take track of that account in your daily folders under the section class discussion.

This will motivate the students to contribute and will help our class discussions.




I will create a web page in which I will notify parents about during open house. I will call any parents or family that was unable to attend open house. My webpage will include daily homework, calendar, and e-mail. It will also contain a parent access page to attendance, teacher comments, grades, and photos of projects student completes. I would use e-mail if the parent has expressed to communicate that way and in response to student and parent e-mail. The web page is a great way for parents and students to log on and see the homework and calendar. Also a webpage is an easy way to communicate and because everything you need is right there, e-mail, grades, ect. 

I will make phone calls home for several reasons. It will be a way to communicate with out the parent needing to take time out of their day in order for me to express something to them. I will make phone calls to tell the parents about projects and to brag about their child’s achievements. I will also make phone calls home to notify the parent that the child has missed a certain amount of days or if the child has been breaking multiple rules and ask for a correspondence from the parent whether it be e-mail or a phone call ect.

There will also be other meet and greet times throughout the year, a total of 3, before semester beings, middle of semester, and end of semester. That way there are more opportunities to meet the family and welcome then to my class. If a parent could not attend any meeting and would like to have the face to face meet and greet but cannot with their busy schedule then I would offer Skype. With technology now communication is easier and I know that parents would appreciate the flexibility and multiple ways to communicate.


Non verbal: proximity, volume, gesturers, ect.

These non verbal ways of communicating allow my students to know what I am wanting without bringing a lot of attention to the issue and maintaining momentum in me lesson. I would use proximity if a student is off task, texting or talking. I would use volume to express important things to know when I am teaching. As for the use of gestures, it depends on the situation but as an example if a student raised their hand when I was finishing a main point in a lesson I would calmly give the “one minute” cue but holding up my index finger.

Verbal: chat time beginning of class, suggestion or comment box on the door on the way in/out, e-mail through the web page, and my office hours.

Having the box on the door on the way in or out the student could make a comment “sitting next to Joe is hard because he shakes his leg and that messes me up writing” or “I wish that there was not as must group work” or I couldn’t see the power point today because it was too dark”. This lets my student quickly and discreetly let me know what they are thinking or any improvements I can make to help them learn.  On my web page there will be the assignments and calendar for both students and parents to see, this will help my volume of e-mails and correspondence for little things, allowing me to spend more time or other important aspects to running an effective class. I will also have my e-mail on the webpage so that it is convenient for my students and parents to always be able to reach me. I will let students know my office hours in case there is something they really need help with or need to tell me. Some students are afraid to ask questions in class and this way if the student wanted to stop by my planning hour they could.

Strategies: Show confidence when communicating, dress professional especially when meeting parents, shake hands show that you are welcoming, and always try to have friendly gestures like smiling. Always have a positive environment so that not only students but also parents feel comfortable and welcomed.

Discipline Plan: Rules and Consequences


1)      Come to class on time and with all supplies

2)      Respect others and their property

3)      Settle your differences peacefully or bring matter to teacher

4)      Complete all class work and homework on time

5)      To share an idea raise hand an wait to be recognized

These rules are important to me, I feel that coming to class on time and having materials is essential for student learning ,keeping focus of a class and utilize the full teaching time. Since my floor plan has student sitting together at a table I added rule two and three, it is important to be respectful and if you cannot peacefully resolve an issue bring it to my attention.  Due dates are important to enforce in the class especially in secondary education. Due dates keep the class on track and helps with the load that the teacher has, back tracking in grade books is not fair to the teacher or other students that completed work on time. Rule five is important because I do want everyone to share ideas about topics, but in order for everyone to feel respected and equal we must take turns talking and maintain a friendly and organized debate/share time.



L1 General Class Reminder

L2 Individual Reminder

L3 See Me

L4 Time out (move student to desk in corner while student waits for teacher to discuss problem)

L5 Seat Change

L6 Lunch Detention

L7 Parent Contact

      L8 Office Referral

I made sure that the steps made sense and were appropriate in punishment. I also made sure that I was able to talk to the student twice throughout the steps of action, L3 and L4 both times in which I talk to the student to resolve issue.  A possible instance when I would need to implement these steps would be if a student is disrespecting someone’s property maybe stepped on it, I could announce to the class lets all make sure that your partner has plenty of room, we wouldn’t want to mess up their belongings. Then if the situation occurs again, I can come to the student closely and ask the student to stop. Hopefully at that point it would cease but if not I would progress through my management steps.



       Free Home Work Pass

       Select Own Seat



      Thumbs Up

      High Five

     Class Pizza Party

I know with secondary education students would really enjoy a free homework pass; this would be used if students completed all their homework on time for a period of time. A high five could be when I student does a great job on a project. The class pizza party is for after mid terms, if everyone scored a C or higher then we can enjoy a free day in class and socialize during our pizza party.