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Welcome to our class page and welcome to Second grade! My name is Mrs. Fitzgerald, but you can call me Mrs. Fitz. This year, some things you can look forward to are reading chapter books, writing narritaves, re-grouping with addition and much more. I cannot wait to begin and continue learning with you throughout this year! heart

Class Rules

Please do your best to respect others and yourself by following our rules.

-Follow directions quickly and quietly

-Use an inside voice

-Be respectful of teachers/others/classroom property

-Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Our Clip System

Our classroom managment system and rewards system will revolve around our class clip system. Our clip system is color coded so it is easy to understand. Students may move their clip up or down through out the day. At the end of the day, students will fill in the color they end the day on in a calandar to take home. I may write a small note home on the calandar as well! 

Our color system:

GOLD-  OutstandingStudents exhibiting exceptional behavior such as being on task without reminders, following the rules and being a leader in the classroom may be told to move their clip up to Gold level.

GreenStudents will start everyday on green! Students may stay at green within 3 verbal warnings/reminders. Staying at green throughout the day is a positive thing!

OrangeStudents may be asked to move to orange. This is a warning level before privledges are lost. 

Pink- Students may be asked to move down to pink. In this level students will have already recieved a warning and now may loose things like free time or have silent lunch.

RedStudents parents will be contacted, they may see an adminstrator or both.

Student Expectations 

Here are some of our class proceedures and expectations. I will go over them in depth the first day of school. if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Using the Bathroom- Use the bathroom pass! Make sure you walk quietly there and back. One person goes to the bathroom at a time.

Going to the Library- (We will practice this as a class before students will go by themselves) If you finish your work early, you may be excused to take the library pass. 2-3 students may go at a time. Be quiet and respectful of others when you visit the library. We will practice checking books out the first week of school.

Practicing Safe Digital Citizenship- We will practice this together the first week of school. Once you get your ID number to log in to the schools computer system, remeber that is your confidential information and is not to share. Make sure you are using websites that are teacher approved. Feel free to share a school safe website with me! I will approve them and add them to our free time list. Make sure you always remember to log off before moving on to something else!

School Policies 

Tardy- Students will recieve a tardy slip when they are late by 10 minutes or more. 5 tardy slips equals one absence. 

Absences- Students will be considered absent if they miss more than 5 hours of school. Students cannot be checked out after 2:30 pm. 

Check-in/Check out- To check in a student no authorization is required. To check out a student, you will have to be authorized by the parent or garudian of that child. Your name must be on the authorization form and you will have to present a photo ID or have your picture on file with the front office. 

Late work- All late work will be accepted. 10% is deducted for every day work is late.

Grades- Grades are based on a number system. 1-Unsatisfactory, 2-Satsifactory, 3-Exceptional. Students will recieve a number for each academic area as well as effort and attitude for each segment.


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