Policies and Expectations

Classroom Rules

  1. You will treat everybody with respect.
  2. Food and drink will be allowed in the classroom
    1. ​This is a privilege not a right. If wrappers, bottles, and or crumbs are found in the classroom this will be taken away.
  3. If you are tardy please quietly take your seat and talk to me after class.
  4. If you must leave for any reason please wait for a time when you can leave without being disruptive. You do not need to ask me permission.
    1. please use this privilege sparingly, if I notice you leaving class frequently we will have a discussion which may result in disciplinary action.

Technology Policy

I understand that we are living in a digital world, and I will therefore allow the use of electronics in my class so long as they do not become a distraction. If you questions about what you can and cannot use in my class, please see this attached table.

Allowed TechnologyBanned Technology
Laptops for note taking and ResearchLaptops for games, social media, etc. 
Cell Phones for researchCell Phones for phone calls and texting

Attendance Policy

This class will follow the school wide attendance policy as high lighted in your student handbook. For clarification on this you may email me directly.