Assistive Technology for Students with ADHD Traits

 I focused the annotated bibliography on assistive technology and ADHD traits. Students with ADHD traits have difficulties with the following challenges. The software, hardware and devices that I selected will enable student to focus, sustain attention, complete tasks or projects and also have them feel confident about themselves.

 ADHD traits:

   Makes careless mistakes in school work

   finds it hard to sustain attention in tasks and at play

   does not seem to listen when spoken to

   does not follow instructions or finish school work

   finds it hard to organize tasks and activities

   avoids sustained mental effort in work

   loses school things like pencils, books or work

   is easily distracted by non-essential stimulis

   forgetful in daily activities

   Fidgets with hands, feet, doodles or squirms in seat

   Leaves seat when expected to remain seated

   runs about or climbs excessively

   has difficulty playing quietly

   acts as if driven by a motor

   talks excessively or is extremely quiet & dreamy

   blurts out answer before the questioned is asked

   has difficulty waiting turn

   butts into conversations or games