Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software

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            Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software is a lifesaver for many of us with ADHD. I’ve got a number of academic publications under my belt and I’m very comfortable with the writing process, but I get overwhelmed with all the information and data at a certain point and then I can’t write. My perfectionism kicks in and I feel I can’t write anything until I know everything about a topic and until all the possible information is organized perfectly. Ha! Then I had a Eureka moment. Although I couldn’t write my paper, I could explain it very concisely, logically, and powerfully to a listener within about 10 minutes. Wow! So I got the idea to give the same explanation to a tape recorder, and transcribe it. This led me to purchase Dragon NS software. I use it mostly for my first draft.

         With continuing hardware and software improvements, speech recognition technology is becoming an increasingly cost- effective educational and productivity tool for a wide range of students. It lets a student talk to a computer and watch his spoken words quickly appear in documents, emails or instant messages. It’s faster than typing and it never makes a spell- ing mistake. As a result, speech recognition tools can generate a new excitement for writing and learning for students who were previously unable to write or produce written work — especially those facing physical or learning challenges.

            Tools like Dragon NaturallySpeaking can help students quickly and easily transfer ideas from their minds onto paper — a basic task that is often painful, or even impossible, for some students. Students can dictate their papers & examination responses to a computer. They are more likely to show their true capabilities.