The Time Timer

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The Time Timer is a popular tool in the ADHD community, it provides structure and awareness with its simple, visual depiction of elapsed time. The Time Timer applications include guidance for individuals with ADHD. This is a great tool for when time needs to be measured or managed. You see and feel the passage of time. This is a great tool in assisting students with ADHD so they can visually be aware of their time and to possibly being less fidgety. The Time Timer is portable, small in size, durable, has lightweight construction and this make this model simple to carry for easy accessibility.

  The device looks like an ordinary kitchen timer, and uses a red disk to mark the passage of time. As time elapses, the red disk shrinks, like slices cut from a pie, to provide at-a-glance time information. The Time Timer helps individuals judge how much time is left even if they can’t "tell" time. Time Timer products feature high visual contrast, large dial numbers and ultra-quiet operation, making them perfect for special needs counseling, therapy and rehabilitation sessions. Perfect for both individual and group settings, the Time Timer helps make every moment count.