Professional Recommendations

 *Please contact me for scanned copies of the original letters of recommendation, as I will be happy to pass them along!*

Kerry is a bright and enthusiastic student and a lovely, caring person. I think she will be a great teacher because she's patient, kind, committed to education and to social justice. She has taken a number of courses along these lines and I'm confident that she has grasped the importance of class, race, ethnic and gender barriers and obstacles in education. Kerry always turns in her work on time, she's organized, forward thinking. I highly recommend Kerry for a student-teaching semester!
She will be a successful teacher.
–Professor Deborah Rapuano, Gettysburg College Sociology Department, Student Teaching Application 2009

Kerry is dedicated to learning, and a very conscientious student. She is developing skills in pedagogy, presentation, and content knowledge.
-Professor Jonelle Pool, Gettysburg College Education Department, Student Teaching Application 2009