Mr Foreman Letter

Letter of Recommendation for Kerilyn Foley

Kerilyn is a very energetic, confident young lady who entered student
teaching with the poise and confidence of a seasoned teacher. Kerilyn's
assignment for elementary student teaching in the third grade was at Park
Hills Elementary School in the South Western School District in Hanover,
Pennsylvania. Ms. Sarah Groft served as her cooperating teacher. During
Kerilyn's student teaching assignment she displayed constant qualities of
patience, tact, couftesy, and enthusiasm with her students. Her demeanor
with the students was one of kindness, control, understanding, helpfulness
and praise. She works very effectively with students, staff, supervisors and

During her student teaching experience, I found Kerilyn to possess the
following teaching traits, qualities and competencies:
-She very thoroughly and expeditiously prepares and organizes her lessons on a daily and long term basis.
-She is in control of her instructional sessions at all times with what
seems to be little effort.
-She has established and maintained outstanding student/teacher
-She shows great skills in setting both behavioral and educational
expectations for her students and is capable of establishing
reasonable consequences.
-She follows successful teaching pedagogy in her lesson design by
providing necessary definitions, examples and models for student
-She assesses student progress constantly and makes necessary
lesson adjustments to meet the student needs and understanding.
-She is constantly searching for new ideas, techniques and
approaches to improve her teaching.
-She is very confident, enthusiastic, flexible and creative in her
-She thoroughly enjoys her students and the students thoroughly
enjoy her as their teacher.

I very highly recommend Kerilyn for an elementary teaching position. She
displays a tremendous passion for both her students and her subject matter.
I personally recommend Kerilyn for the "Outstanding Student Teacher" of the semester.
Kerilyn is definitely the caliber of person I would want to teach my children.
Lucky be the district that hires her.

William K. Foreman
Supervisor of Student Teaching
Gettysburg College
Director of Field Experience in Education