Mrs Becker Letter

Student Teacher: Miss Kerilyn Foley
Semester and Year: Fall 2009
Cooperating Teacher: Miss Sara Groft (Becker)
Grade: Third

It is an honor to recommend Miss Kerilyn Foley for a teaching position. Miss Foley exemplifies
the type of young professional we need in the field of education. Due to her
friendly, outgoing personality, Miss Foley established an excellent rapport with the students in
a short period of time. It is clear through her interaction with the students and from her
enthusiasm she emits while teaching that she thoroughly enjoys educating children.
Miss Foley was a valuable member of our third grade team. She participated in grade
level meeting, Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), faculty meetings, Act 80 days, and
Learning Focus School workshops. She also had the opportunity to interact and communicate
with parents during parent conferences. Miss Foley also went over and beyond her teaching
expectations and volunteered to instruct the students after her semester of teaching was
concluded. Her love for the students, their well-being, and her love of teaching was a driving

Miss Foley is an outstanding teacher. Her passion and enthusiasm for learning is
evident in her teaching. Miss Foley's knowledge of the curriculum and students' learning
needs is both broad and deep. She demonstrates the qualities and characteristics of an
individual intsrested in growing and being a life long learner.

I would highly recommend Miss Foley as a teacher. She has already proven she is an
excellent teacher and will only continue to grow as an educator. I believe that Miss Foley has
the knowledge, skills, and desire to be an outstanding teacher in your school district. She was
indeed an asset to our classroom, third grade team, and school district. If I may be of further
assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Sara Groft (Becker)
Third Grade Teacher: Cooperating Teacher
December 2009