Mr Phua Letter

To whom it may concern,

Kerry has taken several courses with me. Over the years, I have seen her mature as an individual and intellectually. Kerry's work is always professional. It is important to note that Kerry does not shy away from challenging courses. My statistics course is optional for sociology majors and has a reputation for being demanding and difficult. Kerry is one of the five brave students who signed up for the course- this is commendable when compared to students with higher GPAs but who have taken easier courses.

She has just completed my Data Analysis and Statistics class and has performed well. This course is demanding and has a heavy workload. Students are required to take a test almost on a weekly basis. More importantly, students learn how to perform multivariate statistical analyses which are generally taught in graduate schools. For the final paper, students are required to work on an independent project of their choice and have to demonstrate their ability to integrate theory and statistics. She has also demonstrated great initiative and creativity by creating her own data from photographs of Brazilian graffiti. In this project, she examines differences in gender portrayal.

Kerry is respectful and she has a particular demeanor about her that exudes confidence and a certain level of comfort in interacting with people. When speaking with her, one tends to forget that she is only an undergraduate student. She is mature and non-judgmental. She is well-liked by her peers. She has an inquisitive mind and she is always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish her tasks.

I have great confidence in Kerry and know that she will do her best in whatever she does. I believe that she will be an asset to any institution that employs her. It is with these thoughts that I recommend her without reservation. If you have any question regarding my comments, please feel free to contact me at 717-337-6192.

Sincerely yours,

VoonChin Phua
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Gettysburg College