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The 5 Best Type of Videos to Place on Your Landing Page


Your landing page is probably the only thing that a user or a client will witness as soon as they land on your website; it is the only thing that will help them decide to stay there or leave right away. Now it is up to you how elegant, enticing, and engaging you can make your whole landing page; it is a slow process, and it is probably not going to happen overnight, but you must develop a thoughtful approach in your head about how you are going to pull it off. Digital marketing says that the most elegant way of doing that is to add different video descriptions and introductions on your landing page.

These can be about the service you are providing itself, the company's vision, or anything that will keep the user busy and engaged with whatever content they see right now. If you don't know of any particular types of videos that you can use on your landing pages for that purpose, the following is a list that might be able to help you in this regard;

  1. Educational videos

It is a type of video related context that can definitely be used if you have a product or service and would very much want to explain it to the people in a polite and understanding way. Educational videos put the whole thing into a learning perspective that is reachable and accessible to all at the same pace.

  1. Commercial videos

You can also try commercial videos; these videos are often storytelling and try to engage the audience with the content being put out. Grab the audience that is visiting your site from the throat and make them understand what is out there and why your website, product, or service can help them and is the best option that they have got.

  1. Explainer videos

As the name implies, an explainer video is trying to manifest the story of the website or the brand into an explanatory adventure. It can be about the website or the brand itself; it can be about the journey that took you to develop it or just about explaining any other thing that you can possibly come about.

  1. Customer testimonials

If you want to see your product's sales skyrocket, this is the type of video you must put on your landing pages. Ensure that the customers' expression is real and raw when presenting the audience with their testimonials; it will make your product sell like hotcakes.


  1. Social media videos

To link more and more people to your social media accounts or the accounts for your website or blog, social media videos can be used and can bring a positive change out there. It can also help you in building an ideal audience for your social media channels as well.

An explainer video production company can better help you with the ordeal of developing videos for your landing pages and allow you to choose the befitting of your website's overall vibe.