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Lesson 4

Lesson Plan #4 Title: Movement concepts with hoops 

Performance Objective: Using prior knowledge and instruction from a YouTube video, kindergarten students will perform different locomotor movements while demonstrating personal space, being able to perform 5 out of 7 locomotor movements successfully.

Resources or Materials Needed: Hula hoops, Pandora music, YouTube, Promethean board

Time: 45 minutes 

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities: When students come into class a discussion will happen about last class and what they learned. Students will review what movements they have learned and why they are important. They will discuss the goal for the day and how they are going to be able to reach it. The class will then discuss the connection between movement and personal space, as that is the main goal for the day. Students will be instructed that Pandora music will be the start and stop signal. The teacher will have control of starting and stopping the music with a computer that has Pandora running on it. The teacher will access Pandora using the link above, it should connect to a Kidz Bop music station. Using this station doesn’t need a log in, it is on the homepage of Pandora and should be accessible right away using The teacher will discuss with the students how there will be a YouTube video up on the Promethean board to help out with the proper execution and for of the movements they are working on for the day. It is a video playlist with 6 of the 7 movements on there, the teacher will use

Step 2: Content Presentation: After a quick review and discussion with the class, the teacher will move on to the lesson for the day. Students will be using hula hoops to demonstrate their personal space while also performing locomotor movements. The class will discuss together how personal space and moving are connected. They will hopefully talk about the importance of keeping personal space while moving in order to stay safe. There will also be a discussion about what the signal is to move and what the signal is to stop and listen. Most students know that the music played on Pandora is our signal to start and stop. The teacher will also talk about the YouTube video that will be displayed on the Promethean board in order to help with locomotor movements. The video will show the proper movement and well as the proper execution of the movement.

Step 3: Learner Participation: First, they will be moving near their using the locomotor movements they’ve learned. For example, students will jump out of their hoop and then jump back in. They will skip around their hoop while staying close to it. After students quickly review the movements they’ll then pick up their hoop and the hoop will represent their personal space. The hoop around their waist shows everyone else where their personal space is and no one should come inside of it. After they get the hoops around their waist I will have a YouTube video showing the movement they should be doing. On the video it will show the proper movement as well as the proper execution of the movement. Students may stop and reference the video at any point during the participation period. In between movements students will stop and discuss why it is important not to bump anyone else’s hoop while moving. The class will also talk about why it is important to stop when they hear the music stop as well. The teacher will also ask a few questions about when it is appropriate to use the specific movement that they are practicing. After students finish the activity for the day they will be prompted to clean up their hula hoops and find a spot in the meeting area. At this point the teacher will turn on GoNoodle for the students to cool down with a video. The video is called “melting” and they this will bring the students back to a calm state so that they are ready to have a meaningful discussion to end the class. The teacher will use

Step 4: Assessment: The teacher is constantly assessing while observing students moving. Today the teacher is paying special attention to the students keeping their personal space. While assessing the teacher is recording the data in their iPad so the data can be tracked as the year goes on. Students will also do a self-assessment to let the teacher know how they are feeling about the movements and staying in their personal space.

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: A great follow through activity for this is having students pair up and play follow the leader. It allows the students to move closely together while keeping a safe distance from their partner while they lead.

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