Lesson 5

Lesson Plan #5 Title: Using pathways with partners


Performance Objective: Using teacher demonstration and help from classmates, kindergarten students will use different movements while


combining pathways, being able to identify all 3 pathways and perform 5 of 7 movements successfully.


Resources or Materials Needed: Poly spots, Promethean board, YouTube, Pandora music, iPad for teacher, computer for teacher


Time: 45 minutes


Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities: Students will come into the gym and quickly review the last lesson. The class will discuss what the hula hoops represented while moving and what movements they used and when is an appropriate time to use them. The class will then move on and discuss the goal for the day and why the goal is important. They will discuss the locomotor movements and how they could connect to different pathways that they will be using in class. The teacher will ask why different pathways are important and ask the students to think about that question while moving in class today. The students will be instructed that Pandora music will be the start and stop signal. The teacher will have control of starting and stopping the music with a computer that has Pandora running on it. The teacher will access Pandora using the link above, it should connect to a Kidz Bop music station. Using this station doesn’t need a log in, it is on the homepage of Pandora and should be accessible right away using https://www.pandora.com/station. The teacher will discuss with the students how there will be a YouTube video available upon request on the Promethean board to help out with the proper execution and for of the movements they are working on for the day. The teacher won’t have it playing continuously but if students would like to reference it for help on a specific movement it will be available. It is a video playlist with 6 of the 7 movements on there, the teacher will use https://www.youtube.com/watchv=CxrvysC_zkY&list=PL26Hu4wbGD8VLpD42Ahbi3tIWJGHc8rjm&index=2

Step 2: Content Presentation: The teacher will then move the topic of conversation onto the content for the day. The class will talk about different pathways and how they can help while moving not only in the gym but outside of the gym as well. The teacher will discuss the activity for the day, the teacher will explain that students will pair up back to back when they go to the activity area. This will be their partner for the first round. The class is going to play follow the leader, the leader will pick the movement and pathways while their partner follows. They will play rock, paper, scissor to decide who is the leader first. To start, the teacher will pick the first movement for a test round, after that it is the leader’s responsibility to choose the movement and change pathways. The teacher will discuss with the class the importance of keeping a safe distance behind the leader while moving so that they keep their own personal space and don’t crash into each other. The students will discuss why the might need to use different pathways during follow the leader. After each person has had a turn being a leader they will then switch back to their original jobs and the leader will now pick a movement and the follower has to choose a different movement while doing the same pathway. This will show them how different movements can change how they follow the person in front of them.

Step 3: Learner Participation: Students will find a poly spot to represent their home base and make sure that they have enough personal space around them. When the teacher says “GO” students will get back to back with a partner and then play rock, paper, scissors to pick the leader. The first round will be chosen by the teacher to make sure students understand. After the first round it is the leader’s job to pick the movement and pathway. Students will move together a safe distance apart while one is following the other. Between movements the teacher will ask the class why it is important to keep a safe distance apart from the leader. The teacher will also talk about how the pathways affect how they move behind the leader. The students will then switch jobs and do the same thing and have the same discussion. To finish the activity; they will go back to their original jobs and the leader will choose a movement and the follower has to choose something different from the leader but must follow the pathway still. The students will discuss how the different movements changed how they followed and if it made any different at all. They will then switch and repeat the activity and discussion. During the activity there will be a YouTube video running while they are moving so they can reference the movements while they are moving. At the end of the activity the teacher will bring them back to the meeting area and put on GoNoodle, “Melting”, and have the students cool down so they can have a meaningful discussion about today’s lesson. . The teacher will use https://family.gonoodle.com/activities/melting.

Step 4: Assessment: The teacher is constantly assessing while observing students moving. Today the teacher is paying special attention to the students following at a safe distance and if they are following and identifying the pathways being used. While assessing the teacher is recording the data in their iPad so the data can be tracked as the year goes on. Students will also have a self-assessment at the end of class to let the teacher know how they are feeling about the movements and pathways.

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: A good follow-through activity is a game on one on one tag. Students will stay as partners and toss a ball back and forth and when the music starts whoever has the ball is the tagger and must chase down the runner. The runner needs to use different pathways while moving. Between each turn the group discusses how pathways and movements affected the tagger and runner.