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Our Classroom Website

Hello, students and parents, On this site you will find all of the homework information over the past three weeks, your weekly highlight, and important links. I will post here and there activities that can be done as extra credit also. If you go through the tabs at the top you will see the contact information for me just in case you have any questions or concerns and an about me section just to get to know me a little better. 


Week one assignments:

  • Due 4/3 - Students are to decorate a 2 liter bottle and bring it in in preparation for their plants they will be growing.
  • Due 4/6 Students were given a vocabulary packet. packet should be completed and signed off on by parent to receive credit.

Week two assignments:

  • Due 4/9 Hurricanes. Students are to reread the hurricane chapter and complete hurricane questionnaire worksheet. 
  • Due 4/12 Students were assigned a climate and season package. In the package students are to use the word box to fill in the correct answers to each question. They are also to write a short essay on their favorite season and why.

Week three assignments:

  • Due 4/15- this week the students will be going to the Mosh Museum. Their field trip forms are to be turned in no late than the date assigned which is 4/15. The students will be given a scavenger hunt and split into teams. At the end of the day the students are to go home and write a paper on one topic they learned at the museum. This paper will count as a quiz grade. 


The main links we will be using in our third grade science class are


Weekley Highlights:

Week 1:

On our first week of our science adventure the students learned about matter, we experimented with turning liquids into solids by taking Orange Juice and watching the process of them changing into popsicles, the students mixed learning with a delicious treat at the end. 

Week 2:

This week we took different types of sports balls and tested which ones bounced the highest and why, this was a good activity for the students due to the fact the weather was nice and it gave them extra time outside this week that way they could come up with their results.


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