Classroom Etiquette

A behavior management plan is a necessary component of any successful classroom. In our class, students will follow a few basic rules that I have come up with under the acronym "Truck."


  • T - Treat others with respect.

  • R - Raise your hand in class.

  • U - Use your inside voice.

  • C - Come with a positive attitude.

  • K - Keep area clean and organized.


In addItion, OSS uses "CHAMPS," to guide the appropriate behavior during individual activities and at various levels. The students will learn the 0 to 4 scale for volume, and the 0 to 5 scale for misbehavior. We will also give out "conduct," points for various infractions. If a student accumulates too many conduct points, then a punishment will follow. You can get more specific information about this from the Student Agenda book. 

On the opposite end, students may also earn commodation points for good deeds. Examples of situations that could earn commodation points include helping a teacher, doing something nice for a classmate, or scoring a one hundred percent on an assignment. I hope to give out many commodation points this year!

Orlando Science School - CHAMPS

  • C – Communication:  What is the appropriate volume for this activity?

  • H – Help:  What should a student do to receive assistance?

  • A – Activity:  What exactly are we doing and how will the students know they are on task?

  • M – Movement:  What is the appropriate level of movement?

  • P – Participation:  How will the students know they are on task?

  • S – Signal:  How will the students know we are done and how will we transition to the next activity?


If you're interested in reading up on behavior management in school, here are a few resources: