I would ask Jesus quotes.

Dear Parents,

During the first few weeks of Lent we have been praying our Lenten Prayer and discussing ways to be a better follower of our Lord. The children were asked this question-“If you could ask Jesus any question what would it be?” Their responses are outside the classroom on display.

Zion- Can you heal my dad’s foot?

Asia- Can you help me to be kind?

Leah- Can you help everyone have a job?

Colt- Can you help the sick people?

Owen- How did you make animals?

Eugene- Can you help my mom’s leg?

Dalton- Will you pray for us?

Hadley- Can you help me stay on green?

Michaela- Can you help my grandparents?

Kristian- Can you help my Pop Pop?

Alayah- Can you help my mom’s asthma?

Kelly- Can you help people love one another?

Leo- Can you help me to be nice to my sisters?

Anisa- Can you help Elijah? (He was out sick that day.)

Elijah- Can you help the hungry people?

Parker- Can you tell people to stop littering?

I thought you might enjoy reading all of the responses as much as I did- they are a sweet bunch!

Ms. Franks