Welcome to Office Operations Class

Class Description 

Office Operations and Technology is a 12 to14 week program, worth 10 credits.  This course is designed to prepare students for employment in clerical aspects of office operation including filing & records management, self presentation, job search, human relations, business math, use of reference tools, telephone techniques, duplicating processes, composition of business documents, office reception techniques, mail procedures, computer functions and office terminology. 

Class Expectations: 

Materials:  Class materials should include: note book, pencils with erasers, and one manila folder for use as individual student portfolio.  A portfolio is a collection of individual design and personal student work.  Book will be provided during class time and left in the classroom.


To earn credits, you will need 180 productive hours, all class assignments must be turned in, and all tests must be passed with a 70% or better.


Attendance Requirements:

It is essential that you attend class session on time. Your active contribution in the class is necessary to earn productive hours for credits in the class.  Not participating in class discussion will lead you to lose participation hours.  When you are absent, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to receive the work assigned for that day, to clear your absence, your parents have to call the school or send a note to the attendance office within five days from the date of absence.


Every day when you enter the room, you will sign in on a clipboard.  This is your proof that you were here.  Also the teacher takes attendance when the bell rings. 


Assignment RequirementIn order to earn your 10 credits, you must meet the required amount of assessment hours which you do by handing in assignments.  Each assignment is worth a certain number of hours, (most are two hours), it is important to stay on task with your assignments and complete the check list (copy attached) to earn your hours. Teacher reserve the right to add or change assignments as needed.  Late WorkThe Work should be turned in by Friday so that you can start new subject on Monday. It will not be accepted after Friday of the following week. I do not accept late work the last week of the block. Rules

I enforce the school rules, and I have classroom expectations regarding respect.


School Rules                                                    Classroom Expectations

1. Follow the school dress code guidelines.       1.  Respect yourself, others and school property.

2.  No electronic or music devices.                    2.  Be on time and be seated.

3.  No Cell phones.                                          3.  Respect your environment.

4.  Report to class promptly.                             4. No profanity language allowed during class time

 Rewards                                                         Consequences

1.  Happy teacher, happy class.                        1.  Verbal/ nonverbal reminders.

2.  Earn your hours and credits on time. 2.  Written low level referral.

3.  Earn Award Certificates.                              3.  Referral or phone call home.

4.  Participate in School field trips.                    4.  Conference with Counselor or 




Course outline


· The office Safety & Environment.                               · Mail Processing.

· Career Opportunities.                                                · Managing Office Activities.

· Your Attitude & Work.                                             · Essentials of Office Communication.

· Getting Along with People.                                         · Communicating in Groups& Problem

· Accounting and other Financial Activities .                  Solving.

· Office Computer Systems and Software.                    · Choosing Your Office Career.