Hello, my name is Sandra Mcdanels and I am pleased to be your child's fourth grade math teacher for this next school year. I am a graduate of Ashland University and am looking forward to teaching the fourth grade math curriculum. Math can sometimes be a dry and uninteresting subject for some students but my plan is to make this years class more hands on and project oriented to involve every student and to create a learning atmosphere that is inviting to all. Sometimes math can be a little intimidating and it can cause students and parents some anxiety but we will work together to master new concepts and become familiar with new mathematical material. Math can be fun and most important math can be concord!


Look for more information on homework help and other assignments on our classroom website. I look forward to meeting you on parents night,. until then if I can help you or your child in any way please contact me by email at or by phone (440)-988-8888. It is going to be a great year!