Hello! My name is Ms. Laura Rogozinski and I will be your child's Science teacher for this year. I recently graduated from Ashland University. I am currently working on my Masters Degree and hope to have that completed by the coming fall. I have resided in the Cuyahoga County area for most of my life but for a few years I did live in Lorain county. I am currently living in Cuyahoga County with my family.  


 During this school year the class will be working towards improving individual study habits  as well as participating in group activities. I am looking forward to having a structured classroom and providing a safe place to learn. It is important for my students to feel as though they can come to school and be an individual. I look forward to seeing your child in my class this year. Somethings I will be teaching this year are  electricity, rocks and soil, the water cycle, fossils, and plants and animals. 

I hope to have a great year with my students and we are planning on doing some exciting experiments! Feel free to contact me at anytime  at and my phone number is (440)-988-9999.