Kimberly King's Portfolio

Welcome to the Portfolio of Kimberly King

The purpose of this electronic portfolio is show the growth and understanding of throughout the entire Master's of Science in Education program.  This is a compile of lesson plans, essays, rubrics, teacher artifacts and student work that show best pratices in the use and undertsanding of technology.  The requirements of this portfolio are based on the twenty eight general and specialized outcomes for the Integrating Technology in the Classroom program.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help students learn to be proactive in their education. I will strive to inspire students to set new standards of their best. Each day I will instill what it means to be respectful, compassionate, responsible, and disciplined.  Students will leave my classroom everyday feeling they reached their greatest potential.  My students will learn the problem solving skills to take on life’s difficult challenges and turn it into a positive.   I will encourage students to become life-long learners who are always willing to try and learn something new.  Most of all I want my students to believe in themselves and know I truly do!