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Classroom Behavior Plan

Our goal is to foster an inclusive and safe environment that promotes active learning. A great part of achieving our goals is facilitating our students to make the best behavior and academic choices. In our class, we stress the motto: "I will make the best choice!"

Our classroom rules are the following:

Listen when someone is speaking.

Raise your hand to speak.

Follow directions quickly.

Be a caring friend.

Always do your best work!

In our classroom, your child will keep track of his/her behavior using Class Dojo.  As your child makes good choices he will be given rewards, such as verbal praise, positive notes to parents/guardians, stickers, reward card punches to earn treasure box prize, good conduct grades, among others. However, if your child does not make good choices the consequences are the following:

First Time: Verbal warning and reminder of which rule was broken.

Second Time: Student turns card to blue and will lose 5 minutes of recess time.

Third Time: Student turns card to purple and is given and in-class time-out to think about their behavior. Also, student will lose 10 minutes of recess time.

Fourth Time: Student turns card to pink and is given an in-class time-out to think about his behavior. Student may serve a time-out in another classroom and parent contact is made.

Please note that if a child hurts another child in any way, his/her card will be automatically turned to pink and parent contact will be made. 

We will record the color your child earned on their Daily Behavior Log. Please remember to review and sign the Daily Behavior Log every night.

Our grading criteria is as follows:

Red or Outstanding: E

Orange or Great Job: E

Yellow or Good Day: E

Green or Ready to Learn: G

Blue or Think About It: S

Purple or Teacher's Choice: M

Pink or Parent Contact: U



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