Room 3, Mrs. Russell's Kindergarten Class

 1.  Raise your hand.

2. Share.

3. Take Turns.

4. Listen and work quietly.

5. Be respectful to others.

6. Keep your classroom and desk neat.

7. Do your best work.

8. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

9. Be a kind friend.

10. Be responsible (folder, homework, books, etc.)



1st warning:  10 minutes off recess, flip card to YELLOW.

2nd warning:  20 minutes off recess, flip card to BLUE.

3rd warning:  miss entire recess, flip card to RED.

Students who stay on GREEN for the entire day earn a COOL CAT TICKET.

Parents are notified daily of student behavior by the monthly behavior calendar, in the daily folder.

If unacceptable behavior persists, personal contacts will be  made with parent and Principal.