Reading Decoding Strategies

Decoding: Decoding is a set of strategies used by readers to figure out unknown words. Often, kids are told to "sound it out."  Many times, our language does not allow students to figure out a word based on that strategy alone. To be able to read unknown words, students must use other strategies. Below are some of those strategies.  While reading at home with your child, encourage them to figure out words on their own (be active problem-solvers.)


If you get a stuck on a word,  try these strategies!


1.  Look at the picture.  Look at the first letters of the word. Does your guess make sense?


2.  Look carefully for chunks and words hidden in bigger words.


3.  Skip it. Read on.  Go back are try again.


4.  Get your mouth ready.  S-t-r-e-t-c-h it out.  Does is make sense?


5.  Look carefully.  Listen carefully.  Does it look or sound like words you know?


6.  Say the first letter.  Read on.  A word may pop into your head.


7.  Go back and take a running start.