Online Casino in Malaysia

What is 918Kiss?

If you are an avid gambler, or even an occasional dabbler, who enjoys the thrill but not the physicality of going to a casino, we have great news for you.

If you are at all interested in gambling, you’ve surely already heard of online casinos. But, in case you haven’t, online casinos provide exactly what the name indicates: the opportunity of enjoying the same type of games and thrills you would find in a traditional casino in the palm of your hand.

Nowadays, you don’t have to spend endless hours in a game room to get your thrills, you can just download one of the many betting apps available and enjoy playing from your living room or in the subways. There is no limit, really.

So, 918Kiss is an online casino?

The short answer is: yes. This platform has become very popular in Asia, and its player base grows more and more every day.

It used to be known as SCR888, one of the biggest casino platforms in Malaysia. The platform was rebranded and became what it is now in 2018.This is not an amateur site, and it shows. One of the main reasons why players flock to the Kiss918 platform is because it offers high quality games, along with a user-friendly layout and a very attractive design.

Let’s talk about games

The main attraction of this online casino platform are, undoubtedly, the slot games. They are the most popular games in this casino, and the games that draw in most players.

There is a great variety of slot games: 9 pay lines, 20 pay lines, 50 pay lines, up to a 100 pay lines slots are available. There is also an interesting selection of progressive games that can turn you into a millionaire in the blink of an eye.

Although slot games are the most popular, there are still numerous other games if you feel like changing things up a little bit.

The virtual casino player can also find a great variety of table games in the 918Kiss kiosk. You can easily spend some time in table games like Roulette, Blackjack, Lucky Cups, and Caribbean Poker, among many others. Here, not everything is about slot games.

If you are done with both slot and table games but still want to try your luck on the platform, you can have a go at the vast selection of arcade games that 918Kiss offers. The arcade games are modified iterations of traditionally known arcade games that have been transformed to help you get some money, or modified versions of well-known table games.

In the arcade section you can play games like Roulette 12, 24, and 73, Shark, and Poker Three.


So, now you know, if you are looking for an attractive platform to do some online playing, 918Kiss is the place for you. There is a reason why it is number one as the fastest growing online casino in Malaysia and it is quite clear why: games designed to be played on the mobile and safe, trustworthy online gambling.