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Welcome Parents,

Everything you need to know about your child's Kindergarten class we be available on this page. 






Weekly Highlight:

2-26-18:Congradulations to Our Star Student this week Mariya Jones Great job on your sentence writing!!!!

3-5-18: Congradulations to Our Star Student this week Ethan Matthews, Great job on your president project and conduct  this week!!

3-12-18: Congradualtions to Our Star Student this week Laylonie Gerard, Great job on your rhyming words worksheet!!!!




Important Links are listed below:

http://www.gradelink.com/parents- Here you will find your childs grades

http://www.5starreading.com- Your child will have some extra activities on this website, So you are able to access this when its convienent for you.


Suggested Activities:

Your child should be reading to you at least 15 minutes Everyday. Reading is essential!!

2-26-18 :This week we are learning about our five senses ; You could allow your child to help bake something at home and have them tell you what sense they are using during the process.

3-5-18 :This week we are learning about the word family _ix, Making flashcards with words ending with ix would be a great way to familararize them with this word family.

3-12-18: This week we are learning about the different types of farm animals, You could sing or read "Old Mcdonald had a farm" and allow your child to tell you the names of the farm animals. We have copies in our school library if needed.





Homework Assignments are listed below:

2-26-18: Phonics Practice book pg.10-11                      Math skills pgs.8-9                                        Handwriting-write sight words 3x each ,                        Five senses worksheet,                                            Practice Bible verse

3-5-18 Phonics Practice book pgs.12-13                       Math skills pgs.10-11                                    Handwriting-write sight words 3x each,                        _ix family worksheet,                                            Practice Bible verse

3-12-18 :Phonics Practice book pgs. 14-15                  Math skills pgs.12-13                                   Handwriting-write sight words 3x each,                        Farm animal worksheet                                          Practice Bible verse