Ms. Lauritsen's Website

Here is where you can keep up-to-date on what is going inside the science lab!
You can:
1. Check the homework, even when you are absent.
2. Upload additional worksheets, rubrics, assignment sheets and other tools - good for when you misplace worksheets or are absent.
3. Check what unit and chapter we are working on!
4. Look for long-term assignment reminders and due dates, along with other events. 
5. Reach Ms. Lauritsen through email. 
Overview for the year:
  • Science: What is it?, Lab Safety, Measurement
  • Matter and Its Properties
  • The Atom's history and Structure
  • The Periodic Table and Its Elements
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Motion and Friction
  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Global Warming and the science behind it