About Me

Ms. Kleser joined Washougal in 2004 after student-teaching in a 3rd grade
classroom in the Vancouver School District. Prior to teaching in Washougal,
she worked as a teacher-assistant in an English as a Second Language classroom
at a high school and also taught Job-Ready English to International Refugees.
Making the switch to elementary felt natural so that she could teach a variety
of subjects in a fun and interactive way.

Her classroom is set up to welcome a variety of learning styles whether
visual, auditory, or hands-on with the use of many visuals, picture cues,
music, and technology. Students are moving around in the classroom and
engaging their senses so that learning takes place.

The classroom is set up in a democratic fashion where the students have a
voice and choice. Class meetings, directed by elected classmates give the
students the opportunity to set-up their classroom, address concerns, and
write policy that is critical for classroom success. This style also
encourages and exposes students to civics involvement and how they can be
citizens in the community. 

Ms. Kleser served as a voluntary science liaison for the school district and county from 
2008-2015. She was responsible for stocking and updating the science closet, providing 
resources to teachers, and additional instructional support in conjunction with the new 
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). From 2015-2017, Ms. Kleser has served as a 
Washington State Science Fellows Representative. This position through the Office of the 
Superintendent of Public Instruction, allowed her to work on the state level with science 
implementation and serve as a liaison to teachers across the state. She also serves as 
building Union Representative and serves on the contract negotiations team.

Ms. Kleser also encourages parent volunteerism in the classroom! Please
contact her for more information on this exciting opportunity!

When Ms. Kleser isn't teaching she can be found traveling, walking, gardening, spending 
time with her nephews, attending concerts, kayaking, rafting, watching Mariner's, 
Seahawks' and Winterhawk's games, reading, drawing and swimming.