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Essential Agreement

Part of the IB Curriculum is for the students to develop an Essential Agreement (Class Rules) together with the teacher. 


We determined that our class goals are to:


Be a good friend.

Take care of our bodies. 


We created the Essential Agreement as a tool to help us reach our goals.


Individual Behavior Monitoring

Students are encouraged to follow the essential agreement in order to reach our mutual goals. Students are randomly rewarded for outstanding behavior with ClassDojo points. Points can also be lost for disrupting the learning environment or not following classroom procedures. If a student is having difficulty following our Essential Agreement or complying with our classroom procedures, the student and teacher will have a private conversation to review and determine what might be done to improve the situation. If the behavior does not improve, the teacher will make contact with the parents by a note in the Home/School Communication folder, a ClassDojo message and/or a phone call.


Group Behavior Monitoring

"Class Points" are used as a whole group incentive. When the entire class demonstrates outstanding behavior or receives a compliment, they are rewarded with a point. Ten points earns the class a special treat. These points are tracked on a dry erase board on our classroom door.


Our Essential Agreement

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Be patient.

Be a good listener.

Be polite.


Our Classroom Procedures

Before You Speak  - T.H.I.N.K.

T – Is it true?
H – Is it helpful?
 I  – Is it inspiring?
N – Is it necessary?
K – Is it kind?


Voice Levels

Level 0  Silent

  • Listening Mode
  • Testing Mode
  • In Line
  • Safety Drills

Level 1 Whisper

  • Work Mode
  • Sharing with Shoulder/Face Partner
  • Cafeteria

Level 2  Quiet voice

  • Working with Group
  • Working with Teacher

Level 3  Presentation Voice

  • Answering Questions
  • Sharing with Class
  • Presenting to Group

Water Breaks

  • One at a Time
  • During Work Mode Only
  • Water on Desk in Closed Container

Restroom Breaks

  • One at a Time
  • Anytime During Work Mode
  • Only Emergencies During Listening & Testing Mode

Listening Mode

  • Level 0
  • Eyes on Speaker
  • No Objects in Your Hand
  • Restroom Use - For Emergencies Only

Working Mode

  • Level 1
  • Focus on Work
  • Help One Another
  • Restroom and Water – One at a Time

Testing Mode

  • Level 0
  • Focus on Test
  • Request Help from Teacher Only
  • Restroom Use – For Emergencies Only
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