Art with Mrs. H.


If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, "You don't get homework in art." But sometimes it's kind of fun to do because maybe it's raining outside or super cold or crazy windy or you just want a break from doing other stuff to be creative and let your brain reset. So, if you want to take some time to do some art.... you've come to the right place!

Fun Tutorials:

Below are links to some great online tutorials if you want to draw. Maybe it's something you've never drawn before... maybe it's something you already know how to draw but this will show you a different way or maybe you'll try to draw a pineapple and it will look like a tadpole.... it's fine either way.


Color Time

Not really up for drawing or watching (yet another!) video? I get it. How about just some fun coloring pages? Here are links to my favorite pages and ones that I print from routinely at school. Click the websites and search around until something strikes a chord with your creativity - then just print and color away!




Have Fun!
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