Language Arts Writing



Writer's Workshop


During our writing block the students will be:


-writing every day in their journal after learning about a writing strategy,

-writing realistic fiction, persuasive, non-fiction, literary essays, informational research and poetry,

-publishing their works for others to read,

-listening to others share their writing,

-celebrating their writing.


The above research-based program is based on the work of Lucy Calkins using the MAISA units. Click below for more details about the program.


MAISA Writing Units


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Language websites:


Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronoun game


Auxillary Verbs

Helping/Auxiliary Verbs game

Basketball Verb game

Progressive Verbs

Action Verbs Present Progressive Fling the Teacher game


Adjective games

Adjective Adventure game

Adjectives and Adverbs Who Wants to be a Millionaire? game

Prepositional Phrases

Learn Prepositions game


Synonyms Interactive sites



Antonyms Interactive sites