Social Studies

Social Studies


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The following social studies concepts are taught in fourth grade:


*Michigan history from the Civil War to Michigan's involvement during WWII

Michigan History For Kids Civil War article

Underground Railroad video

Michigan's Natural Resources

Henry Ford article

Edmund Fitzgerald video

World War I facts

World War II facts

Michigan facts

Michigan pictures and facts

Michigan Historical Museum video

*Regions of the United States

United States Region map

Regions of the United States article

Regions of the United States games

USA Region Jigsaw Puzzle

Regions of the United States interactive site map

Regions of the USA video

Northeast video  Northeast map 

Midwest video  Midwest map 

Southeast video  Southeast map 

Southwest video Southwest map 

Rocky Mountain video Rocky Mountain map 

Pacific (West) video Pacific map 


*Three Branches of Federal Government

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government activities

Three Branches of Government videos

A Plan for Government powerpoint presentation

Civic Education interactive site

Virtual Introductions to the Judical Branch video

Federal verses State Government article

School House Rock Three Ring Government video



Woodrow, The White House Mouse book read by Martha Snyder

House Mouse Senate Mouse book read by Shawn Sullivan

Marshall, the Courthouse Mouse book read by Samantha Kerr



*Public Discourse

Public Discourse issues



Money and Finance Economics article

Economics and Business games and activiites


Peanuts, Pecans, and Peas, Please! article

Competition Pizza interactive site



Scholastic Immigration Explore Ellis Island virtual tour

Immigration interactive site

Timeline Website

Timeline generator