Enrichment Activities

On this page, you will find activities you can do at home to supplement the learning we are doing in class. We want to stress that these are optional activities that are meant to be fun and exciting for your child. We strongly encourage after school activities that get your child moving and socializing with their peers!


Word Walls

Below are printable Word Walls according to each list. Each list includes the words from the previous lists.

Word Wall A Word Wall B Word Wall C Word Wall D Word Wall E Word Wall F Word Wall G Word Wall H


Sight Words!

Below are the links for each word list. These are guidelines for you to follow, but you should primarily be practicing from your child's word ring.

List A List B List C List D List E List F List G List H


Rainbow writing

Use words from your child's word ring to practice spelling with rainbow writing. You can use a document like the one below, or even a blank piece of paper. Your child can write the word once, spelling it as they write in one color. Then, they can pick up another color to trace the word in again, spelling it aloud as they write. Let your child do these 4-5 times so their word looks like a rainbow.


Let your child practice spelling their words by forming them with playdoh. This is also a great way to build fine motor skills!


Sight Word Bingo

Use a board like one found here or create your own to play sight word bingo. Tell your child the words that will be on their board and see who can get bingo first. But, the words must be spelled correctly in order for your child to win! This helps reinforce the importance of spelling sight words correctly - not just reading them.